Looking for a great value hotel?

Basic Hotel Bergen gives you what you need for a great hotel stay and value accommodation: A beautifully furnished room, a nice bathroom and a comfortable bed to sleep in.
You can sleep at a reasonable price, to get the most out of your stay in Bergen.
Quality at a reasonable price? That's Basic!

THIS IS BASIC: A well decorated room in the heart of Bergen, with a comfortable bed. A gentle start to the day with a warm and luxurious shower. Online with free WiFi. Kettle (bring your own coffee / tea). Refrigerator for storage of food and drink, and movies.

THIS IS NOT BASIC BUT … Standard breakfast buffet? Enjoy breakfast at Godt Brød, the best bakery in town. Boring hotel restaurant? We offer you sushi at Sumo. Expensive minibar? Bergen has plenty of places to go for affordable snacks and beverages. Unmanned reception? Self service check-in. Daily cleaning? We don't disturb you early in the morning, and you decide whether you want to have this service. Room service? Choose for yourself, it saves you money.

Basic Hotel Bergen offers 43 rooms with modern and good design. Located in Håkonsgaten 27, right near the Bergen Cinema and in an area with many restaurants, nightlife, and cultural themes.